Artist Sarah Redding was recognized at the Annual PAL Dinner on October 9, 2015

by Sgt. Chris Hill, National PAL President and head of Howell PAL, for her outstanding work.

Mike Zuppardo - Artist

October 2015 - "Black Cat"

Sarah not only created the beautiful "Rooster" watercolor , but  also designed and built  the frame from a piece of fencing at her home that was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

Recycled art at its finest! 

Six additional Helping Hands Artists had their work on display at the 2015 IDEAL conference.

Glen Melon  - Artist

Congratulations to our artists! 

Howell Police Chief Andy Kudrick purchased work from artists Patrick Campanella and Sarah Redding for his office during Law Enforcement Appreciation Night June 2016 at the Howell PAL. 

Artists from Helping Hands Art entered a contest and three had their artwork chosen for the 2015 IDEAL Calendar. IDEAL (Individuals with Disabilities Enabling Advocacy Group) is an employee resource group partnered with AT&T. What an honor to be in this calendar!!!

All art was displayed at their conference in Texas this past September and offered for sale.  All three works of art were SOLD!  

                          See the photos of our artists and their winning art below.  

Artist Sarah Redding was recognized by VSA NJ (The State Organization on Arts and Disability) for her commitment to the arts in a ceremony on April 18,  2015.  Sarah's artwork is OUTSTANDING!  

Sarah additionally had one of her works of art placed in the VSA NJ traveling art show, Art Par Excellence '15. She attended the opening night at Trenton Art Works on May 9, 2015.

   Bianca-  Artist              "Dancing Lady"

   Thomas-  Artist                "Big Face"

Bryan -  Artist                  "Holiday Cat"

December 2015  - "Snowman Meets Bird"

Patrick Campanella -  Artist


Howell PAL/Southard School, Howell, NJ

Bob -  Artist                           "Rooster"

   Eric-  Artist                      "Lady Bug"

Ally - Artist                   "Snowflakes"

January 2015 "Winter Birch Trees"