Howell PAL/Southard School, Howell, NJ

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Art Gallery Shows and sales

Seasonally, art gallery openings are held at the Howell PAL, which is open to the community, as well as family and friends of Helping Hands Artists.   Original framed art, matted reproductions, greeting cards, gift bags and many other items  are available for purchase.  Each sale is rung up on the store’s cash register, providing a sense of pride and confidence as the artists become contributing members to society. It is a priceless experience for all. 

Public Art Gallery Openings

Our artists' work has been shown at the Red Horse Art Gallery in Freehold, NJ and at the Howell Library in Howell, NJ.  Gallery Shows have also been held at the Howell PAL for the community. 


Additionally several artists had works chosen for the   AT&T/IDEAL 2015 calendar, and again for the 2016 calendar.

​Helping Hands Artists have published their own calendars in 2016 & 2017. 

Art Lesson 


During the art lesson the most important part of participation is the process. This therapeutic creativity is a means of communication that needs no spoken words. It allows each artist to speak his mind and heart even when he can’t use his voice. 

Works of art are used to create our Greeting Cards

​​and  Calendars with many new products to come.



Class participants and our peer mentor volunteers have time to mingle while eating snack and playing games.  Many friendships have been formed during our classes that last beyond the two hour class. 

​ Some peer mentors have been so inspired by their experiences that  they have chosen to pursue careers working with individuals with special needs. 

Helping Hands Art and Exercise program is designed for with people autism and other developmental disabilities aged high school to adult.  Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment that helps develop social, cognitive, emotional, and physical awareness and to prepare for life after high school. 

​We incorporate job training into all components of our programming. Creating art, marketing, packaging our products, and register training are just a few skills worked on each week.   Art Gallery Sales are well attended in the community with our artists greeting guests and working in the Art Gallery Store.

We are very proud to have one of our participants hired by the Howell PAL as a paid employee during the week! 




Integrating physical activity into your day is good for the mind and body.  The program focus is on dancing and fun, yet the participants also experience the energizing and healthy benefits of movement which helps participants learn, focus and grow. We begin our class with exercise to get the blood flowing and the brain engaged. 


Our Program

Four Components

Life Skills


Life skills are also an integral part of being independent.  In this class, participants will have an opportunity to practice various kitchen skills and learn recipes.  Not only does this help to foster independence, but participants can enjoy the snacks they have made in a comfortable social setting. Many participants have generalized what they have learned in class and prepare the recipes at home.